1-to-9 Dilutable Fast-Wetting Glass and Window Cleaner Concentrate

This environment-friendly concentrate may be suitable for Safer Choice certification, containing Stepan surfactants that are approved on www.cleangredients.org (BIO-SOFT® N1-7 and BIO-TERGE® PAS-8S) and a solvent that is listed on the U.S. EPA’s Safer Chemical Ingredient List (SCIL). The nonionic surfactant used, BIO-SOFT® N1-7, allows the cleaner to wet and spread over surfaces quickly and efficiently, while the specialty anionic surfactant, BIO-TERGE® PAS-8S, improves the final appearance with reduced filming and streaking on glass. See Stepan Company’s Formulation # 1092 for a ready-to-use version of this Formulation. Green Your Clean using Stepan ingredients!


  • Formulation Number: 1110
  • Appearance, as is: Clear liquid
  • pH: 5.0
  • Viscosity, cps: Water thin


  • Home Care


  • Glass and Mirror Cleaners
  • Hard Surface Cleaners - Dilutable

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