1-to-20 Green Bio-Based Dilutable Glass and Window Cleaner Concentrate

This environment-friendly glass cleaner concentrate has it all! Not only is the ALPHA-STEP® PC-48 CleanGredients® listed and the solvent and builder are listed on the U.S. EPA’s Safer Chemical Ingredient List (SCIL), making it suitable for Safer Choice certification, based on the surfactant only, this formulation contains 94% bio-renewable carbon. Being a concentrate, less water is shipped from manufacturer to retailer to the consumer – offering an improved carbon footprint and freight savings compared to ready-to-use glass cleaners. Green Your Clean using Stepan ingredients!


  • Formulation Number: 1293
  • Appearance, as is: Clear liquid
  • pH: 6.0 - 8.0
  • Viscosity, cps: Water thin


  • Home Care
  • Institutional and Industrial Cleaning


  • Hard Surface Cleaners - Dilutable
  • Hard Surface Cleaners - Dilutable

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